Our Vision

A community coalition reducing underage substance abuse on Grand Island, focusing on both underage individuals and on their families. We are composed of representatives from multiple community sectors. The coalition engages in primary prevention. Intervention strategies are implemented by appropriate outside agencies.

Our Mission: TO Assess, To analyze, to act

Acceptable means to achieve our mission:

Our History

Our team formed in 2006, when then newly appointed Principal, Sandra Anzalone, surveyed parents, asking them what they thought the needs of the school were. The answer that came back loud and clear was, "You have a drug problem in the school and nothing is being done about it". Members of the community came together to address this issue; our coalition includes members of the town board, law enforcement, the Ministerium, health care providers, PTA, Erie County Council for Prevention of Substance Abuse, Prevention Resource Center, The National Guard, Horizon Health Services, school staff and administrators, parents and students, and is open to all who are interested.